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Vocational Evaluations:

Utilizing various evaluation methods, including vocational testing and labor market analysis, information is compiled and presented in a written report. The report includes the identification of realistic vocational goals , identification of the individual’s barriers and strengths, local labor market information, and vocational goal justification.

Job Seeking Skills Training:

This service prepares the consumer to apply for, interview, and secure employment. Resumes and cover letters are developed, interview skills taught, and strategies are developed to address issues such as legal history, accommodations needed, and scheduling difficulties. Mock interviews will be conducted and feedback provided, recommendations will be given on dressing for the interview, and a script will be developed for the consumer, client, or injured worker to utilize when contacting employers.

Work Adjustment:

This service is provided to assist the consumer in acquiring and improving work skills, behaviors, and work tolerance. VSU staff is present as needed to provide instruction, and to evaluate changes in the consumer’s behavior, attitudes, and abilities.

Resume Development:

Resumes and cover letters are developed and customized to each vocational goal and position to which an individual applies.

Job Development and Placement:

A placement plan is developed that identifies the vocational goal, job search methods, and each person’s responsibilities during the job search. Job search activities include weekly contacts with multiple employers, assistance with customizing resumes and cover letters, completing job applications, and practicing interviewing skills.

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