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Vocational Services Unlimited (VSU) is a CARF accredited, privately owned, vocational service firm supplying quality:

  • Outplacement Services

  • Professional Seminars

  • Vocational Counseling

  • Career Development and College Exploration

  • Resume Development

  • Clerical Training

  • Vocational Evaluations

  • Transportation Development

  • Interviewing Skills Guidance

  • Job Search Assistance


To date, VSU has an 82% return to work success rate (either new job/new employer or same job/ new employer). Most of the individuals in the remaining 18% either decided to return to school, or could no longer participate due to exacerbated medical/personal/financial reasons.

Our staff is experienced in working with multiple barriers to employment, such as limitations due to disability, child care, and transportation issues. We believe that if individuals have the desire to return to work, there is a job out there for them, and we will find it! Our belief is that individuals are empowered when they are employed; success on a job can be measured when you feel good about yourself, your accomplishments, and being a contributing part of your community.

The VSU Difference

Founder and CEO Randi Owen has developed a highly successful employment program working with individuals who have recently been laid off, those with disabilities or injuries, and those who experience life-changing events such as a divorce. VSU’s success rate in assisting individuals with obtaining employment is outstanding, especially when compared to national competitors. We believe preparation for job search is imperative, as well as developing an appropriate career goal that matches the client’s skills, abilities, and educational level. Therefore, VSU both teaches and participates in the job search, doubling efforts and promoting a quick, successful return to work. In the event that a client does not obtain employment, VSU follows up with potential employers and adjusts the job search accordingly, always seeking to facilitate success. Additionally, VSU partners with clients to achieve necessary improvements in order to increase their marketability to employers.

VSU’s success is driven by a highly qualified staff experienced in working with a variety of populations, individualizing job searches, and exhibiting outstanding employer relation skills. All staff members have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree; many have Master’s Degrees and have received extensive training and education on how to be successful with various populations in today’s challenging labor market.

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