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At Vocational Services Unlimited, we believe that empowerment comes through employment. Employment supplies individuals with a sense of self worth and accomplishment, in addition to providing a financial means for support. It is a venue to showcase and acquire new talents and skills, and to establish supportive relationships.


The management team at Vocational Services Unlimited is highly educated and experienced in career counseling. This dedicated team is committed to meeting the clients’ needs with utmost professionalism and individualized attention. Whether meeting with a private client or a large corporation, VSU’s management team demands excellence and in return gives you the same.


Vocational Services Unlimited was started in 1994 as a sole proprietorship, and has grown exponentially since that time. Our staff has enjoyed working with private clients, clients of the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation, and consumers of the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission. Currently, the majority of our clientele are individual private clients and corporations.

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